OpenStack Queens PTG, Denver – Day 1

It is my first time joining the Project Teams Gathering since it started in Atlanta. The location of the event is pretty unique its own way. I had never been to this part of USA and you can feel the difference. The event is held in the Renaissance Denver for 5 days between Sep 11-Sep 15.

I arrived here on Sep 10 and I could already see the active contributors in the hotel lobby discussing something or the other. I met some of the friends and took rest on the day further.

Sep, 11, the day started with registration for the event. I joined the #openstack-ptg channel to get the updates about the day and there I got introduced to ptgbot. Initially many people including me were a bit confused with how it works, but as we got familiar with it, we got more used to it for tracking the events.

As per schedule, the first two days of the event are dedicated to inter-project discussions.

I headed directly to the infra/stable/release/requirements room for discussions of requirements team. We had a discussion around topics to be worked on in Queens which include the per-project/independent/divergent requirements, OpenStack client testing, Python 3. The discussion was pretty good with insights provided by tonyb, promentheanfire, dirk, mordred, notmyname

Post lunch I joined Kolla team with discussions around collaboration across different deployment tooling in OpenStack. We had discussions around architecture, health monitoring, the role of containers, kubernetes and security.

I also attended the TC meeting for Rebooting of the Stewardship WG and Onboarding new community members.

The day ended with unofficial PTG happy hour at the elevated lounge in Renaissance Denver.

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