OpenStack Queens PTG, Denver – Day 2

Sep 12, 2017

The day started with meeting with people at registration desk hallway. I joined the TC discussion around Q & A for new projects in OpenStack. The discussion included emerging projects like Blazar, Glare, Gluon, Masakari, Stackube, Cyborg and Mogan. Each project representative presented TC members with general project overview, objectives, current status and any queries related to the Requirements for new OpenStack Projects applications. TC members also asked details related to maturity of projects w.r.t. contributors diversity, potential to increase collaboration, identifying any overlap with current/existing projects in OpenStack. We also had a discussion around potential project removals from OpenStack official projects. This is due to very low contributor activity during the cycle, no project goals achieved or changed focus of the participating organisations. THe particular projects highlighted in the area are Searchlight, Solum, Designate, CloudKitty.

I and inc0 were chasing the infra/TC members for resolution related to publishing kolla images on public registry like with openstack-kolla namespace. We did not get any direct resolution, need to initiate a discussion on openstack-dev mailing list for further discussion.

I met with Saad Zaher PTL of Freezer regarding the current status of project. I had very informative discussion and got my path clear for things to do ahead.

We had few hallway discussions related to kolla-kubernetes, openstack-helm, kolla with Ironic, kolla with neutron.

In the mean time we also had team photos clicked for kolla and requirements team. Looking forward to get them from the OpenStack marketing team.

This now ends the fist section of schedule of inter-project discussions. The day ended with IBM sponsored happy hour in the hotel where random discussions happened regarding projects, OpenStack, etc.

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